Occasioned by the 2003 Exhibition, Cluj-Napoca National Art Museum

dr. Livia Drăgoi, Director of the Cluj-Napoca National Art Museum

The opening of Annemarie Nebert's exhibition at the Cluj-Napoca National Art Museum is part of this institution's program meant to stimulate creative activities within the youngest generation of artists from our town. Through this program, graduates with a sustained creative activity get the opportunity, not only to exhibit in a generous and expressive space, but also to have access to highly qualified specialty support and to a prestigious endorsement on  the quality of their creation, aiming to crystallise personal artistic visions.

Annemarie Nebert, a 1998 graduate of the "Ion Andreescu" Visual Arts Academy from Cluj-Napoca, already has a convincing exhibition record (group exhibitions and especially her elaborated "personals"), which recommends her among the notable presences from the current Cluj artistic life.

In a postmodern spirit, the artist detachedly converses with the Jugendstil world of symbolic suggestions and decorative preciousness, with the discrete poetry and the chromatic refinement of a good tradition Romanian postimpressionism; she is tempted by the lyrical abstraction with decorative valences, but also with expressionist accents. She passionately investigates various, but complementary, techniques: she uses with virtuosity the traditional technique of oil painting and also shapes salient forms against the canvas, their golden preciousness being exalted by the chromatic sumptuousness of the background. She uses, with obvious joy, collages of various materials which she carefully selects depending on their various decorative virtues. She inventively uses the results of her technical adventures in order to confess, with a radiant verve, about a world which belongs to her, which lives and blossoms under the sign of joy.